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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I apologise for the paucity of updates recently. Let's say I've been busy: busy writing movie reviews on a weekly basis, and busy translating books. I've handed in five complete manuscripts this year alone (and, oboy, it hasn't lasted for four months yet): Andrew Vachss' Flood, Joseph O'Connor's Yeats Is Dead!, Rupert Morgan's Rule No. 1, Neil Gaiman's Endless Nights, and Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness (second revised edition, for the promotional tie-in edition with Jutarnji list, a popular Croatian daily newspaper).

Today, Jutarnji list published the Conrad. In an edition of over a hundred thousand copies. My other books usually have a run of 2-5 thousand copies.

And they published the old, uncorrected edition of Heart of Darkness.

It broke my heart.

It's still a good translation. There are many little points of improvement, though. Which will remain on my hard drive for all eternity, it seems, now. While all the literate population of Croatia actually already has something I didn't want to sign as my last word on the subject.

I'm considering a legal case; I want to sue the sloppy bastards for all they're worth. But a poor translator like me stands very little chance against a media corporation. It's very dreadful, you know.

(Meanwhile, The Worst of Both Worlds is seemingly lagging behind. Fear not. It's just that I've been really busy, and the events leading up to Walpurgisnacht - April 30th, incidentally my father's birthday - are so complicated I need to craft them with utmost care. All will be revealed soon...)


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